Random House sold over 16,000 copies of this book, published in 2007 by For Beginners books. It remains the best selling title in the 24-year history of the For Beginners series. An expanded and revised 2009 Presidential Edition included extensive notes. From the publisher: "Barack Obama For Beginners: An Essential Guide is the most concise and reliable short biography available on the 44th President of the United States - from his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, education at Columbia and Harvard, work as a community organizer, writer, teacher, lawyer, and politician in Illinois, to his historic campaign for President. Barack Obama For Beginners keeps the focus on the man and his record - accomplishments and missteps, praise and criticism - to allow readers to gain a balanced understanding of President Obama as they follow his rise to the White House. Entertaining illustrations enliven the reading experience and highlight important details." Also available in a Russian translation.